Antenna analyzer – آنالایزر آنتن

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آنالایزر گرافیکی آنتن جهت سنجش مقادیر دقیق swr , امپدانس آنتن ، اهم آنتن، راکتانس آنتن، تعیین فرکانس دقیق رزونانس آنتن و کات کردن آنتن در محل. قابلیت استفاده در محدوده فرکانسی HF


Model:NS-60A, NS-520A

1. Measuring antenna SWR ratio with graphic display in a selected frequency range.
2. Measuring antenna Impedance ( Z = R + j X )
3. Measuring antenna resistance R
4. Measuring antenna reactance X, all the above with graphic display in a selected frequency range.
5. Quick search for antenna resonance frequency
6. Very suitable for antenna measurement and adjustment.
7. Portable and small size.
8. Easy and intuitive operation
9. Robust measurement, accurate, and resistant to environmental interference.
10. Long sustaining Li rechargeable battery for a long operation time.
11. Very suitable for outdoor antenna measurement.
12. Low cost and wide frequency coverage.
13. Clear LCD display, even under daylight
14. Additional functions: Used as a HF signal generator, or a Field strength meter


NS – 60A
NS – 520A
Freq. range
0.5 – 60 MHz
133 – 177 MHz
195 – 280 MHz
395 – 520 MHz
Frequency step
100 Hz
1000 Hz
Frequency stability
Output power
1 dBm (at 14MHz)
3 dBm (at438.5MHz)
Sweep widths (Hz)
Maker steps (Hz)
VSWR range
1:1.00 – 1:99.99
Lord Resistance (R)
0.1 -999.9 ohms
Lord Reactance (X)
0.1 -999.9 ohms
Magnitude (Z)
0.1 -999.9 ohms
Power source
Lithium Polymer battery ( 3.7V, 1900 mAh )
Charger source USB port – Micro USB plug
RF connector
BNC – Female
Screen 2-inch high-output 16M color TFT
Dimensions (cm)
6.86 (W) x 8.9 (H) x 2.54 (D) / cm
Weight 145 grams


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